Krax Auto Glass  has locations in Boise, Tacoma , Yuma and Phoenix.  Each location offers mobile service to provide our customer with maximum convenience.  Since 2012,  Krax Auto Glass has provided windshield repair, windshield replacement , side glass and back glass replacement and now we offer ADAS camera re-calibration.   We  service all types of vehicles including: Cars, Trucks, Semis, RV's and Motorhomes.  If you have full coverage insurance, we can help you set up the claim and bill your insurance company.   You are responsible for the deductible portion in most cases.

Getting started:  You are probably most interested in getting pricing and scheduling information for taking care of your glass service requirements.  You can start by clicking the "Click for Quote" button above.  We will respond to you quickly, sometimes requesting more information and possible pictures to help illustrate the problem you are experiencing.

Recreation Vehicles:

Replacing the glass on your RV, travel trailer or motorhome can take up to two weeks depending on the type of glass work required.  To speed up the process, it is important to get the insurance claim started quickly.   Insurance companies may take up to a week approving a glass claim.  The insurance company may require pictures of the damaged area, so have them ready for us and the insurance company.  Once the insurance company has approved the claim (or when your able to pay out of pocket) we order the glass.  It can take up to one week for RV windshields to arrive at our shop.  If it is tempered side or back glass that needs replaced, it can take up to one week for new glass to be cut and tempered.  Plan accordingly.

To get the correct replacement glass for your RV, we need the following information:  Year, make and model.  VIN number.  If a windshield, we need measurements of the width and height, all the numbers you can find on both windshields if two piece.  Find out if the windshield is shaded at the top,  does it have a dark border all around the perimeter of the glass?

 Autos, Pickups and Semi Trucks:

Replacing glass on autos, pickups and semi trucks is straight forward.  If you want us to bill the insurance company, you will need to set up a claim.   It is better if you let us help you with the process because it can be confusing.  What we need from you:   Year, make and model.  VIN number.  Number of doors.  Is it hatch back, sedan, or other option?  Does it have a rain sensor, condensation sensor, lane departure warning system, ADAS, antennae in glass, shaded at top?  Some of the newer vehicles have up to 20 windshield options, so be patient as we try to figure it out together.  Auto glass replace can usually be done same day or within two to three days.

Mission Statement:

The customer  is our priority.  We achieve excellent customer service ratings by recognizing employees are our greatest asset.  When employees are experiencing job satisfaction, their attitudes create a culture of caring for the customer.  We love our customers!  We love our employees!   And we love our community!   This is how we differentiate ourselves from our competitors.  We are Krax Auto Glass.