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Mission Statement: "Provide Excellent Customer Experience"

The customer is our priority.  We achieve excellent customer experience by recognizing employees are our greatest asset.  When employees are experiencing job satisfaction, their attitudes create a culture of caring for the customer.  We love our customers! We love our employees!  And we love our community!  This is how we differentiate ourselves from our competitors.  

Krax Auto Glass is a Tacoma Washington based company that specializes in mobile glass repair and replacement service.  Our team of technicians provide windshield rock chip repair, windshield replacement, door and side window replacement, leak repair, molding replacement, and RV glass pop out repair. The type of vehicles we perform glass services for include: Cars, pickups, RV's and motorhomes. Our mobile service area varies by location, time and traffic flow.  

People often ask if the quality of the service is better in a shop.  The quality of glass repair service is the same whether performed in shop or mobile because the tools and technicians are the same.  Cold or hot weather do not effect the quality, so mobile glass service can be performed all year long.

Insurance billing is available for customers that have full coverage comprehensive glass coverage.  The deductible portion will have to be paid directly to Krax Auto Glass.  We can help you file the insurance claim. Some insurance companies will waive the deductible for windshield rock chip repair.  It is important to repair a windshield rock chip before it grows into a crack.  Being proactive with chip repairs can save money in the long run.

If you own a RV or Motorhome and need a windshield replaced, our technicians can go to the vehicles location to perform the replacement, saving you the hassle of taking it to a shop.  If you are at a RV Park, no problem! We go to RV parks too.  If you call us to schedule a RV Glass replacement, we will ask you to provide information about the coach.  We will need all the numbers you can find on the windshield (both windshields if two piece), measurements of the height and width of the exposed glass, whether the glass has a darker shade at the top, the VIN number, year, make and model.  So make sure you do your homework and get that info ready before calling us.  It will speed things up with the process of ordering the glass.  It can take up to three weeks from the initial inquiry to the installation because of shipping and logistics.

I know you will be completely satisfied with your experience trusting Krax Auto Glass to perform glass service on your vehicle.  Thank you for the opportunity to make your life better and safer.

Call or Text:  1-253-924-9330

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